on gratitude

In brief, several things I am grateful for these days.

  1. Lovely relatives who offer to come visit bearing all food and holiday accoutrements for the Christmas Eve-Boxing Day stretch. Bonus points for completely understanding when we said “No, thank you, perhaps after the baby is born”*.
  2. Pea, who has manfully shoveled a massive heap of snow twice already and will be stuck with this chore for a while longer. I “helped” the second time, but I can’t really do all that much and I’m super slow.
  3. Pea, who greeted me on my return from Capital City with an elaborate garlic tart, with homemade pastry, and a freezer-full of homemade stock with no soy or milk in case we need to make new quick meals that I can eat if Spud has intolerances.
  4. My sisters and our shared message channel. Sometimes it is overwhelming to see my phone has 14 new messages if they’ve been in conversation while I’m in a meeting, but it is inevitably a bright spot in my day every day.
  5. Spud staying put thus far, and making my life pretty easy. I’m uncomfortable, and the heartburn and rib pain remain, but Spud is reassuringly active and not making a premature break for it, which, given the stress and grief of this year, I was actively expecting.

And my alarm has gone off, so I must away to catch the bus! More soon, and a bump update once I’ve had my OB appointment on Friday.

Gratitude is good for the soul, y’all. Also if you are looking for a quick and delightful way to make someone’s holiday season a bit brighter, the Bloggess is running her annual James Garfield Miracle, and it’s good stuff. Really good stuff.


* A watered down response from my visceral “NO. NO THEY CANNOT COME.” response. They were perfectly understanding that I’d be uncomfortable, prone to going into labour, and that this was the last alone time Pea and I might get for … 20 years or so.


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