full term

Enoxaparin = 243 needles
Estrogen = 23 needles
Progesterone = 34 needles
Lupron = 25 needles

345 needles total to get to this point – 37 weeks pregnant (pergananant!), with Spud roiling about inside like a tiny grumpy hurricane. Not counting all the needles two Augusts ago that lead to Spud’s conception.

Worth it, every needle stick, every spreading bruise, every sore spot.

There is a lot of brain and lung development that happens in the last three-four weeks, up to week 41, so I’m still gunning for Spud to stay in as long as possible, and for an induction to be as late as my OB is willing. I’m just so pleased to be here. Even if something catastrophic happens, and I can’t help but wonder if it will*, I’m still so pleased to be here.


* ah yes, hello, anxiety, good to see you’ve stuck around for the full ride as well. Sigh.


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