plans make me happy

Induction is booked. We go in on the 1st for cervadril, a gel to ripen the cervix. Back 24 hours later for induction with IV oxytocin, if I haven’t started to labour on my own from the cervix ripening. I would prefer to have been able to wait til Spud wished to make an appearance, but in the absence of that option, I’m pleased to have a plan.

My cervix is already low, soft, and 1-2 cm dilated, which is more favourable than my OB and I were expecting. So I’m also going to chill out the next few days to prevent a December arrival for Spud. Such a silly balancing act, but them being oldest in their class versus youngest, and not having to start pre-school ridiculously young is important to me.

Essentially, once the clock ticks over on 2017, I start eating pineapple, walking, bouncing, all that jazz – anything to help this very unnatural pregnancy have a closer-to-natural end. The more favourable the cervix, the more likely the induction goes well and doesn’t need further interventions (forceps, c-section).

Pea and I are pleased, and anxious, and excited, and scared. It seems very soon.

9 thoughts on “plans make me happy

  1. rainbowgoblin

    You know you could always keep him/her back and start school the next year, right? Apparently it’s all the rage for post-September babies these days. My brother had two friends in school who were both born on December 31st, a year apart.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I know, but I am stubborn and also want Spud to cook as long as possible. Plus I am torn as to whether they are safer IN or OUT, but am positive the transition is the least safe, so I am also trying to delay the inevitable irrationally.

      1. rainbowgoblin

        Oh, I get that. Yes, the transition is an ordeal for all involved. Try to stay upright: drink as much water as you remember to so you have to get up and pee (apparently it’s good to be hydrated anyway) and ask for a portable fetal monitor, “walking epidural,” and anything else that might help. I don’t know if being upright will actually make things faster and easier, but it will help you choose the most comfortable position in the moment. I’m thinking of you lots!

  2. Hannah

    I’ve been following your blog and wanted to wish you all the best for the birth and the overwhelming and amazing early weeks of motherhood. I’m glad your cervix is so favourable – I was induced with a similar cervix and all was well. Good luck!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Hello! Welcome, glad you are following. Thanks for the well wishes and the encouraging news about your induction. I’ve been worried it’ll just be a spiral of interventions because my body isn’t ready, so I’m hopeful this will mean it’ll gear up appropriately.

  3. Jill

    I hope all goes well with the next few days. I think I live in the same general area as you do, so I’ll be watching the weather and hoping it cooperates! (If you really do live in the same general area as me, I have lots of baby gear that isn’t in use right now, so if there is anything needed…let me know)

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks! I’m hopeful all will go smoothly. Southern ON small city, part of a tri-city, specifically with two universities pretty much side-by-side? I think we have what we need (we have no idea what we need… ha ha), but I’d be excited to meet another mom in the area.

      1. Jill

        That is exactly where I thought you were 🙂 we are out of the tri-city, but still very close.
        Nobody is ever “ready” for a baby, but luckily they are born young enough that they’ll never remember that you didn’t always know what you were doing

  4. conceptionallychallenged

    I’m so glad you made it to this point! (Also, your cramps sound like they might be productive to me…)
    Funny that your school cutoff is December/January. Ours is July 1st, which makes more sense given the school year, imho…
    Anyway, fingers crossed!! I’m so excited for you 🙂


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