Welcome Spud!

Pea and I have a son! He came squalling into this world at 11:17 pm on Sunday January 1st, weighing a hearty 8 lbs 5 oz, and 20 inches long. We’re calling him Gus, but he’ll stay Spud on this blog for the time being. Plus Pea and I keep calling him Spud accidentally.

We’re doing ok. We stayed overnight at the hospital and then requested to be discharged the next afternoon. Spud had already gotten us both besotted with him, so we figured since we were keeping him, we might as well take him home!

I am very sore, and both physically and mentally tired. A labour story will follow, but it really did go pretty well. Certainly not something I will sign up for again soon, but nothing traumatizing.


16 thoughts on “Welcome Spud!

  1. Turia

    Not going to lie, I keep calling him Spud too and E corrects me every time.

    So so happy for you and Pea. Looking forward to meeting him and giving you a gentle hug this weekend!

  2. Jill

    Congratulations!! Enjoy these first few days with Spud! I’m glad to hear his birth wasn’t overly traumatizing. As a mom of 2 boys, welcome to the love and craziness he will bring into your life

  3. Daryl

    Congratulations!! Both names are adorable. I’ve called my daughter by so many nicknames, I was actually worried at one point that she’d never learn her real name. No worries, though. She’s never once introduced herself as Toots! Enjoy every snuggly minute with Spud/Gus!

  4. Jenny F. Scientist

    Welcome to the world, baby! Here is my standard present to new parents: the knowledge that this fantastic pelvic floor rehab thing exists (which you may want in a month or two): hab-it.com Totally worth the $13. Turns out sitting a bowling ball on your innards for several months is kind of awkward. (I paid full price and have received nothing in return for this; I just think it’s fantastic and everyone should, like, hand it out to people who just gave birth.)

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      This is hugely useful as I am now quite incontinent. Squeezing said bowling ball out caused no little damage (not as bad as it could be, but I’ve only got bladder control if less than 50% full). So from the bottom of my adult diapers, thank you! I will check it out once healed up a bit more.

      1. Jenny F. Scientist

        I have been there and I promise it will get some better on its own and these videos are super helpful for the remaining 25%. I found it pretty distressing. But all better now despite three (three!) bowling balls of my own. Also I know two other people IRL who have used this PT to go from serious prolapse type problems to just fine in maybe 6-9 months. Bon courage! (Also I know you’re sensible and have good medical care but… wait like 3 months okay? That shit is hard. It took me a week with child #1 before I could walk a quarter mile and I was in really good shape.)

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  6. rainbowgoblin

    A perfect start to a better year. Giving birth is way harder than you’d think, isn’t it? I’m aware that’s a ridiculous statement, but it was my thought after Miso was born: whoa. This shit is HARD. xoxox


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