verdict is in

“he’s surprisingly engaging”*

“a keeper”**

“a genuine poop monster”***


Rave reviews!


* Pea, when I asked how he felt having been a dad for two weeks
** my mother, so, biased
*** me, after yet another of Spud’s attempts to take over the world via poop storm


2 thoughts on “verdict is in

  1. Jill

    I know this sounds completely ridiculous but, baby poop is (though messy and goopy and stains everything) so great! The smell isn’t gag inducing until solids start, it’s almost a sweet smell… I won’t tell you to appreciate it, because who appreciates poop…but i do miss baby poop

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      It is remarkably non-off-putting! Even when it is all over you! (which has only happened once, and I was risking some naked baby time to dry up a beginning diaper rash…)


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