He’s not wrong

This morning, Spud was fussing while I was changing him, so I sang him a nonsense song I’ve made up for during changes. He calmed right down and was watching me attentively, which was a lovely moment until I realized he was peeing directly on my pj pants. 

I cleaned Spud up and handed him off to Pea, then jumped at the chance for an Epsom salt bath (my tailbone and hemorrhoids are so angry still).

Mid-morning, Spud accomplished his first diaper blow-out. We’d been waiting for him to poo so we could give him a bath (lower likelihood of poop in the bath water, though no guarantee). Presto! A bath was had, with aunt, grandmaman, and grandfather watching delightedly.

Pea’s mum and sister went out to get groceries, so Pea and Spud and I went for a walk through the golf course near us.

Me: A bath and a walk! A big day!

Pea: yes! mumble will be tired tonight!

Me: fingers crossed he sleeps for four hours straight again! Although maybe too much to ask for..

Pea: Oh! I was talking about you!


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