One month later

Spud is a month old today! This seems crazy. He is still so new and little! And yet also so much bigger, able to hold his head up, track objects, and make eye contact. He’s got the ability to smile, but so far it only presages a fart. 

It does not feel like it has been a month already! He has carved out a place in our home and our routine, and I can’t imagine him not being around. I’m gradually losing my reserve about loving him hopelessly. I do, always have, and am getting better at letting that just be true and not scary.

I met with a friend who is a volunteer lactation consultant today. She thinks both thrush and a shallow latch are the issue(s), and helped me master the football hold. I see my GP for Spud’s one month appointment tomorrow so hopefully can get started in clearing up the thrush too. So much laundry awaits, sigh. My friend also loaned me two new carriers, as Spud is really too small for the three I already had. The stretchy wrap seems amazing, provided I can get it on by myself. Hands free naps here I come!

In general, I think we are doing ok. Spud is thriving, Pea and I are managing, and we have made plans to do a bit better at being a couple as well as parents next month. We are ok, but baby snuggles shouldn’t replace partner snuggles entirely – we are a snuggly pair and need to be better at touching base. It doesn’t take much for us to feel connected – a purposeful smooch, or a two minute snuggle before turning out the lights – but the longer we lapse, the more is needed to stay connected, so we’re going to be more mindful of this and make time for those acknowledging moments.

Month two, here we come!


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