Shopping adventures

Today, Pea and I drove 45 min to a suite of furniture stores. We bought two much-needed lamps and replaced our dishwasher, which had broken in the third and final-straw kind of way. We took advantage of the liquor store and grocery store in the same complex, and drove home.

Except, of course, we brought Spud  along. So what actually happened was: 

We drove 45 min while Spud snoozed. At the first furniture store, Spud woke up so I nursed him quickly in their sketchy bathroom while Pea trialed the dishwashers. At the second furniture store, after price-comparing the dishwashers we liked, Spud had an enormous poo. So I changed him in their very swanky bathroom while Pea bought the lights. We walked back to the first store, but Spud started to lose it, so I left and nursed him in the car while Pea paid. Pea then walked across the parking lot to the liquor store, got some beer, and walked back right as Spud finished up. We drove over to the grocery store, where Pea picked out light bulbs and I scoured ingredient labels for hidden milk and soy. Spud snoozed. We drove over to the warehouse loading dock to pick up the lights, where Spud woke up fussing. With the upcoming 45 min drive in mind, I nursed him in the front seat while Pea packed up the lights around the groceries and stroller. We drove home, Spud snoozed.

So, in reality, Pea did some chauffeured shopping, and I drove, toured bathrooms, and perfected my car-nursing technique. 

I really hate shopping, so I’m trying to decide if this was more fun than shopping or just another example of why we need both of us to have licenses. I will say that driving with Pea for longish distances is one of my favourite things. We have great chats, and it is often when we make bigger decisions. He navigates and tells me stories, and, given we are rarely walking anywhere together anymore, it is some of our best dedicated communication time. So I would probably have come today regardless of if Pea was driving or not. But I can see where the ability to split our attentions would be handy.


2 thoughts on “Shopping adventures

  1. Turia

    With two kids, Q and I are now squarely in divide and conquer territory. But it’s easier with one. What What I think you will find is there will come a stage where Spud is much less flexible with napping and that makes it a lot harder to take him along. I’m deep in that stage with P- it’s when they are on two consistent naps. Working errands around the naps is really hard, although you won’t have the late afternoon complication of the older child who is tired from being at school and doesn’t want to go shopping. But then a few months later you are down to one nap and you get the mornings clear and things get easier again!


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