Conversations with Pea, part the next

Pea: Oh, so I started playing Sims for a bit last night.

Spud has a giant poo, which Pea goes to change.

Four hours later.

Pea: oh right, so last night

Spud cries, frowns, and poos. I take him to clean it up.

Four hours later.

Pea: Oh right, I was saying. So I played a little bit of Sims last night, just long enough for my new couple to get pregnant and have TWINS!

Me: did you know it was twins?

Pea: NO!

Me: what are their names?

Pea: Wanda and Balkavere.

Me: laughing.       … Wait, did you name them or did the game?

Pea: I did!

Me: pause

Me: How’d you come up with Wanda?
Also, it rankles me a bit that Pea feels sufficiently rested to stay up and play computer games. I definitely took the whole night shift Friday, which is not our deal, but which was because it was a weirdly good night for sleep. Last night I handed Spud off to Pea for the 3 am – 5 am grunting spree, which he can sleep through when I can’t. The reality is that as long as Spud is nursing for 45 minutes, it doesn’t make sense to wake Pea up to do the accompanying diaper change. Either I’m up for an hour or we are both up for longer than an hour combined.

Once Spud stops his crazed cluster feeding evenings, I will pump so Pea can take one of the evening feeds and I can have a longer stretch. As it stands, the 45 min of nipple break and hands free time while awake is more valuable (plus I’m not pumping enough to balance a night feed).

I spent some time and got the moby wrap properly figured out, so plan on feeling much less trapped this week. Spud will sleep in the wrap as well as on my chest, and I really need to be more functional than I have been.


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