On love

Today, the 15th, is an anniversary of sorts for Pea and I: the first time we said “I love you”. It was after a night where we made an elaborate Valentines dinner and had martinis and prepared for Pea to be away on business for six weeks. We both scrupulously avoided saying it until the clock ticked over to midnight, away from a holiday we both dislike.

So for us, Feb. 15th is Love Day. We’re going out for dinner, which I feel is brave of us. Hopefully the restaurants are nicely deserted after the flurry of the 14th.

Yesterday was a good day, despite a very rough night. Spud is very congested and keeps half-choking on mucous when lying down. He spent from 5 am onwards sleeping on my chest, to be upright, after waking up three times between 12 am and 5. Understandably tired, he hung out in the swing for a while and took a three hour long carrier nap, which was the longest stretch of me having two hands free since he was born. You can get a lot done in three + hours!! Once he woke up, and was changed and fed, we ventured off to buy a humidifier for our room to see if that will help him clear this mucous (and perhaps curb my nighttime nosebleeds – our room is crazy dry). A successful trip, including three other errands that had built up. 

Pea has been musing about experimenting with different kinds of flour in his bread making. On the way home, I decided to stop at Bulk Barn to see if they had anything interesting. Spelt! Rye! Oat! Success! I decided to save them as a surprise for Love Day.
We got home, and it was only once Spud was changed and fed and I was trying to address a letter that it hit me.

I bought flours.

I bought Pea flours for Love Day. Pun unintended.


3 thoughts on “On love

  1. rainbowgoblin

    We have a bin of corn flour on which Steffen has written “corn flower” (mistake not intended… His English spelling is better than most anglophones but there are some adorable mistakes he makes consistently).
    Being born in winter is really hard. We spent a lot of time at the doctor and Miso had brochiolitis once.
    Do you have a sling or wrap or any sort of front back that’s infant-appropriate? I used to do dishes with a baby in a Baby K’taan (also other things, probably, but dishes were the most frequent thing that required 2 hands.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Winter babies are hard! I have had four different visitors cancel because of illness or inclement weather. Which is sad because visitors are so welcome when it is so cold and grey! I have many wraps! I have the K’tan, but either Spud is too small, it doesn’t fit, or it has stretched from how much use Turia’s P. got out of it, but I can’t get him snugly high enough up. I’m using a moby wrap in the house, and have an onya baby carrier for longer walks. I have a ring sling and a canvas sling as well, but don’t like them nearly as much. I love the K’tan for how easy it is to get Spud in it, so I’m hopeful he’ll fit it soon without being too big.


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