General aphasia

Notes on life!

  • Thrush appears to be gone. Or it was always just a shitty latch and his mouth is bigger/my nipples are tougher? Three days of apple cider vinegar washing and me taking probiotics was either the ticket or just some added complication. Regardless, nursing doesn’t hurt and I am relieved.
  • Spud’s grandmama took him for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was the first time he left the house without me.
  • I ran an errand this evening, popped down to our strip of shops while Pea held a napping Spud at home. It was the first time I’d left the house without Spud since his birth. I blared music in the car and spent a lot of money on raw cashews and baby probiotics*.
  • Getting a proper passport photo of a 2 month old is ludicrous. And hilarious. Tears, rage, yawns, eyes-rolling-back tired, and finally a state of catatonia that allowed a reasonable shot.
  • Spud is two months old! Also he is gigantic. Official measures tomorrow at his appointment, but yeeeeeesh he’s fat. And adorable. Even his fourth chin!
  • I am very sleep deprived, and keep forgetting words**. Spud slept very very badly two nights ago. He slept better than he ever has last night. I refuse to be drawn into an expectations game.
  • It is rainy and warm here, which is nice for running errands and terrible for my general climate anxiety.

* Despite no dairy or soy for the better part of a month, only brief respites from mucousy diapers and painful gas. Never fully non-mucous. So we’re adding microbes to the mix before I cut anything else out.

** Me: I’m going to go change my ……….. thing. The thing……”

Pea: ?

Me: My…. thing. The cloth I wear on my upper half?

Pea: somewhat incredulously your shirt?

Me: yes. Shirt. Be right back.


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