I am in Capital City, visiting my father and step-mother so that Spud can meet them and be met.

I drive back today. It is at best a 5.5 hour drive, but I’ve only managed it that fast twice and I’m not kidding myself with Spud in tow. We’re stopping at the halfway mark to visit my aunt and grandfather, both of whom have not yet met Spud. We’ll likely stop a few (or many) other times.

I was really REALLY worried about this trip before I left. I packed an embarrassing amount of stuff for it: it felt like I’d just thrown the nursery in the car in the end. I was so stressed about it that the day before I left, my milk supply dropped. 

Then there was a 30-car pile-up on the main artery across the province, including a 10,000 L spill of a toxic chemical that can become hydrofluoric acid when heated. The highway was closed. There was a snowstorm in Capital City. It looked like the universe did not want me to go to Capital City that day. 

Instead, I staged through the city where Pea’s parents live, spending the night with them. Immediately on making this plan, I relaxed. I realized I wasn’t worried about the drive. I wasn’t worried about travelling alone with Spud. I just didn’t want to spend time in the house in Capital City, with a step-mother who talks in loaded phrases and a cat. I can usually manage two nights before a full blown allergic reaction, and had been planning on four. One fewer night and my whole body relaxed.

I was wrong to be worried – Spud travels like a champ and my step-mother has actually vacuumed this time, and the visit is going really well. 

So now a long drive home, and a cuddle from Pea at the end of it!


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