One of the main things I think is fascinating about very small babies is that they don’t yet understand that their hands are their own. It is something I mention when discussing development – “They don’t even know they own their hands!”. It is, for no real reason, a big check point in my head for babies becoming small people rather than proto-humans.

On Sunday, driving to the hospital for a morning coffee/tea and farewell with my dad, I checked the mirror to see how a very-quiet Spud was doing, assuming he’d fallen asleep*. He was awake, wide awake, and waving a hand around in front of his face with a rapt expression. I caught him doing it again after our first pit-stop on the way home later that day. Today he actively attempted to catch Pea’s ring when offered.

Spud knows he has hands!

In the last week, Spud has also started consistently sleeping 5-6 hours as his first stretch, and 3 hours as his second, which is so very much more functional for me. He is smilier, though still much more so for anyone except me. He may even have started turning to sounds (one month late-ish**) – twice Saturday and three times today I think that’s what he was doing, but I have yet to properly test it. He also slept for a relatively full length nap (50 min) in the crib today, his first long independent nap.

I think I can safely say we are through leap 2! It was relatively unfussy, perhaps 5 days of evenings with much more crying than normal, but not unconsolable, and never more than an hour or an hour and a bit.

Spud went to bed at 9:20 tonight, a new early record. I have updated my 5 year journal, folded a load of laundry while watching canned footage of a poker tournament (bliss), and am drinking a moderately ridiculously large glass of wine. I have a big day tomorrow with my students’ practice presentations for their 4th year research colloquium this weekend, so will cap it at one large glass, and head to bed shortly. Whoops, he’s up!  Ha, shoot.

*Spud slept for 5.5 hours of the 6 hour drive on the way up to Capital City, 5 hours of the 5.5 on the way back, and six of the seven drives to and fro from the hospital. So a reasonable assumption.

** I got worried. It was too early to worry, but I got worried anyway.

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