Semblances of control

Conversations I have had:

Last week

Me: I have got to train Spud to eat less frequently! He’ll never sleep long stretches at night if he’s used to snacking every 45 minutes!! He eats ALLLL the time!
Pea: Well, you can start waiting til he cries, rather than showing his other hunger signs.
Me thoughtful: You aren’t supposed to be able to over-feed a breast-fed baby. I like that he can kinda communicate that he’s hungry, so I’d hate for him to always have to cry. Hmmm.

This week

Pea: How was your night? I didn’t hear you up much?
Me: Another banner night!! Spud slept from 8-3:30, and from 4:10-7! He’s had a 7 or 8 hour first stretch for five nights in a ROW! This will not stick, I am sure, but it is so great!

Me: Spud is not eating much. My boobs have waterfalled all over my jammies. They never feel empty anymore.


Me: relates sleeping and lack of eating to Turia while Spud takes record length nap in carrier at her house
Turia: Our mom has a theory that babies when they are growing eat and eat and eat and then sleep and sleep and sleep.
Me: Ohhhh… last week he was nutty about food…. I was going to encourage him to eat less frequently and then was so pleased it was working. I have no control over this, do I?
Turia amused: Nope. Babies!
Me amused and exasperated: Babies!
Me: Oh god, he’s not going to fit in his clothes again, is he? He’s already in 9 month sizes! Agh!

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