Posts that might be

but likely will not happen because there are finite moments in the day.

  • My preferred hot beverages and how they defined my life stage. From hot, strong, very sweet tea (undergrad) to hot tea with milk and no sugar (Ph.D), to the foam off a decaf latte (postdoc), to room temperature decaf tea with almond milk (current).
  • A study of sisters: three very different reactions to a mother’s gentleman caller.*
  • Dear god, Spud, that is a 12-18mo onesie. How can it fit?
  • (related) The rise of tendonitis and the fall of aligned backs in our household
  • Naps and sleep schedules are the new thing I can futilely try to “fix” in the absence of any indication something is wrong
  • On how Pea and I failed to correctly count to 24, twice, and how hardware store hours are annoying when it turns out you need eight more carriage bolts (twice)**
  • Pea is learning to drive and my hair is going grey in direct correlation***

* reactions run the gamut from amused, exasperated, worried, annoyed, angry, all the way through to “imma throw up in my mouth”. General consensus is that regardless of obvious problems with timing, rationale, location, or attraction, THIS gentleman caller is wholly inappropriate and likely to cause serious trouble in one form or another. But, as my mother aptly says, “you can’t tell nothin to a dill pickle”, so we’ve nothing to do but watch this unfold.

    ** Last weekend Pea built me a raised garden for my birthday. I’ve wanted a veggie patch for ages! He drew a great schematic and then we failed spectacularly in purchasing what it showed. Twice.

    *** the good thing is, if we have an accident, which, frankly, feels inevitable, it will be at 10 km/hr. I have renewed respect for my father and step-father, who taught me to drive and lived to tell the tale. Pea is getting better, but I really wish I had a brake on my side. Also that Spud was not in the car. 

    One thought on “Posts that might be

    1. Jill

      My dad was the most patient person when teaching me to drive! I cannot imagine myself, or my husband, being nearly as patient for our kids downbeat the road. But! I guess I should count myself lucky that I don’t have to teach my husband to drive. Side note: when my (much younger) cousin was learning to drive she once was passed by a tractor, so she and Pea would be great driving partners!


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