Breaking down the numbers

Spud had his four month appointment and immunizations yesterday. He remains a giant, at the 95th percentile for everything now.* He weighs 18.5 lbs – a hair over ten lbs from his birth weight. 

A pound of fat equates to 3,500 calories. Muscle is more like 1,600, so Spud has gained the approximate equivalent of 25,000 calories in four months. Not counting the energy he has used for general body and cellular functions, heat, movement, and thinking.

25,000 calories is 125 Larabars**. It is 250 tablespoons of peanut butter. You could eat 15,000 grams of chicken for that allotment. All of those together sound about right for my past four months. My diet is also sustaining me, after all. 

I made a plan to stop snacking wholesale throughout the day this week, to instead have two medium-sized lunches. I promptly lost three pounds in three days, abandoning the plan yesterday after feeling cavernously empty after lunch #1. I’ve maintained my weight, steady for the past two months, but it is a significant effort to do so. I worry Spud sees me as “that person who is always chewing”. I eat CONSTANTLY. 

The other day, Pea was wandering around with Spud and came across me in the kitchen shoving giant handfuls of popcorn in my face***. “Look, Spud, it’s your mom, eating again!” Spud beamed, we both laughed, I got out the peanut butter.

* so he is actually less fat, proportionally. His height caught up a bit, so his BMI is in a completely normal range (60th percentile).

** my dairy-free, soy-free, “I’m going to fall over if no food appears” snack go-to

*** this is the only satisfying way to eat popcorn

2 thoughts on “Breaking down the numbers

  1. Jenny F. Scientist

    When Bug was a baby and I was working full time, we had this great cafeteria with fresh everything and everyone else would save part of their pinch for dinner. I would eat two lunches and go back for dessert (Bug was an 8 lb baby and a 20 lb 4 month old, too) and keep cookies in my desk drawer. Nursing is not free.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Nursing is not free! It is interesting after an adulthood of being mildly restrictive or at least not unfettered in my eating to now be struggling to consume enough. It was fun, then felt oppressive, and now I’m in a groove so it is easier. When back at work I’m going to have to be way more proactive about food than I usually am though. Grabbing a sandwich at three pm will no longer cut it (unless it is third lunch, ha).


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