Conversations with Pea, part the next

A few days ago, getting ready to go downstairs and watch a show

Pea: I am thirsty! Are you thirsty? pours giant glasses of water for us both
Me: Oh thanks, yes, I’m thirsty. I’ll bring my water downstairs.
Pea: drinks his water in one shot. Looks satisfied.
Pea: I’m going to bring my water downstairs too!
Me: ?
Pea: rubs belly, smiles like cheshire cat
Me: sighs


Snuggled up in bed last night.

Me: Sunday is Mothers’ Day.
Pea: Oh, ok.
Me: So we need to remember to call all our mother type people.
Pea: Ok. I can help you remember. You are better at remembering.
Me: waits…

Me: waits…

Me: also I am a mother.

Pea: tone of surprise Oh yeah!! cuddles me vigorously
Pea: Do you want a cake? I can make you a cake! The olive oil one turned out well!

Me: No, I am ok with not much of anything*, I just didn’t want you to realize I’m a mom on Monday and feel bad for not twigging earlier.

Pea: Yes. Although, really this is Spud’s responsibility.


* We tend not to celebrate things like Valentine’s, or Easter, or do much beyond small presents and maybe dinner out for birthdays and Christmas. This I am sure will change once Spud learns what holidays are. We will want to celebrate with him/for him, but for just the two of us, we are typically very low key.


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