I have become them

My academic advisors all, without exception, work on talks at the last minute, and include brand new data that is only moderately analyzed. In preparation for giving a talk in Nordic Country, leg one of our upcoming trip to Europe, I find myself manically analyzing hot-off-the-presses data instead of prepping the actual talk. Or ordering things my students need while I’m gone. Or packing. Or finalizing some other things that are waiting on me. Or staring at the wall wondering why we decided to take a two week long Europe trip with a four month old.

Playing with new data is fun! It is my favourite part of science.

I need to buckle down right quick though, as we leave Saturday and the talk is Tuesday and disaster approaches.


2 thoughts on “I have become them

  1. countingpinklines

    Hah! Tuesday is totally not last minute! (Also you forgot about how, pretty much without fail, the slides are ugly. Or maybe that’s just my advisors.) Good luck with the talk!


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