June goals

  • Train Spud to nap independent of nursing. No more nursing to sleep ever.
  • Train Spud to nap longer than 40 minutes without a mid-nap nursing break.
  • Gradually increase sippy cup time during the day until Spud is not nursing between 9-5

All this in preparation for my return to work, and Pea taking over. 

The first two bullets are important, but Spud can already fall asleep on his own, and often goes down for a nap without nursing. I’m just lazy, and when he is hard to settle, tend to whip out the boob. Pea won’t have that option, so better to install good habits more strongly. 

Given Spud resettled himself at the 40 min mark for an additional ten minutes in his first nap today, and just took a record 1.5 hour nap in the crib for his second, this may just be a developmental step we’ve reached naturally. Timely!

The third bullet is critical. Spud still only survival-feeds, 1-2 oz at a time, if faced with the sippy cup. I don’t want him dehydrating in the summer, or swapping his nights and days for feedings. He’s more interested in food now, and he likes the sippy cup to hold or chew. Hopefully this just gets better. But I will be actively working at it for the next month.

The only real problem is that I don’t want to do it. Now that we are through the hell of starting nursing, thrush, bad latches, and pain, I really like nursing. We’ll still have mornings, evenings, and nights, but I’m already mourning the loss of cuddles and little grabby fists and milky smiles. It has to be done, though, so I’m girding myself for the added work of pumping and the likely fights with Spud.


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