Pea: the cloth for Spud’s face is the one with boats on it.

Me: oh, ok.

Pea: you can remember it because of Boaty McBoatface.


Last week I fell while holding Spud. I tripped on a stroller frame, slammed violently into a wall edge, and landed on the ground. My elbow and butt took a beating, and are both grisly colours this week, with a four inch long scrape down my arm. Spud was fine. I couldn’t tell whether I’d slammed his head, his arm, or nothing into the wall on the way down and spent some minutes frantically assessing him for concussions and dislocations and breaks. He did hit his arm, it turned out, as in the bath that night I discovered a red weal across the back, which faded by morning and has not bruised. He cried upon landing on the floor (still in my arms), but calmed down quickly. It took me four hours to properly calm down, being badly shaken and reasonably injured.


My mother-in-law, visiting last week, upon hearing of the fall and being reassured Spud was fine: “but how are YOU? You mustn’t ignore yourself in this! We are feminists! The trope of the self-sacrificing invisible mother is not something we will perpetuate!”


Spud is in a leap, and has been wailing whenever I put him down, change his butt, put him in the crib, or hold him for snuggles. He wants only to be held, but to also be allowed to roughhouse, grab, and squirm. It is not the most fun, after the first twenty minutes or so.


I am trying to convince Spud to eat from a sippy cup. Last week, he drank from the cup between his first and second naps, meaning I nursed at around 9:30 am and not again until about 1 pm. This week the goal is to extend this to after third nap, or around 3 pm. Today, Spud was having none of it. See above, re: super fussy leap stage. I shall try again tomorrow.


We planted our raised garden, including six tomato plants from the campus greenhouse. This weekend Pea picked up those round trellis things for tomato plants. Yesterday I noticed there were only four in the garden.

Me: are some of the tomatoes sharing a trellis?

Pea: looking very sheepishly grumpy No!

Me: did you know we had six tomatoes?

Pea: Yes! I planted that side!

Me: are you just bad at counting?

Pea: Yes!

Me: we can’t keep being this bad at counting. We’re going to have to teach Spud to count soon!


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