The week that was

Things I have done this week:

  • Co-chaired a 450 person conference over four full days of scientific programming
  • Pumped 2-3x a day, during coffee breaks and lunches
  • Popped home once a day, to give Spud a full feed at least once, as he insists on subsistence feeding, and to spell my mother in law who was finding grandmothering to be rather a lot of work (but loving it, bless her)
  • Generated a 30 oz freezer stash because of the pumping and the subsistence feeding
  • Held Spud from 4-7 am three of the four nights of the conference because he had a cold and possibly dairy contamination and was a miserable sniffling wreck

Things I have not done this week:

  • Tweeted or otherwise promoted my student’s poster, the first time someone from my lab presented research from my lab. I did send some bigwigs over to see it, which she was thrilled by
  • Attended more than 50% of any given day’s scientific programming. That we co-chairs got to see any of it is actually a huge testament to how well organized the conference actually was
  • Attended any of the evening events, leaving all of them to my co-chair (who has two kids of his own), aside from the final banquet where I left early and he had to kick all the drunk dancing scientists out at midnight
  • Slept more than three hours in a consecutive chunk

The week is done. I leave tomorrow for Capital City, a flying visit with my dad before I go back to work. I have so far today dropped my mother in law at the train station, made granola, a sweet potato and red lentil curry with rice, and banana bread*, done five loads of laundry, and huffed the sweet baby smell off Spud’s head like a relapsing addict.

I missed him. I also revelled in my freedom and resented the daily return to the house mid-day. It was really really weird being immersed in science all day, but that was partly because most of the science was happening off-center to my focus, which was on the logistics of the meeting.

I have nine more days of maternity leave after today. Four are allocated to this trip to Capital City. One has a doctor’s appointment and vaccinations for Spud. Three are a long weekend with Pea. The Friday of next week is mine alone, and I’m going to check out from work and social media and everything else and just have a day with my baby.

* all food for the trip, because I can’t eat unless I bring my own, which is getting very tiresome.


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