Not unexpected

Spud turned six months old yesterday, amidst red and white celebrations for our nation.

Pea and I have been so excited to feed Spud solids, but as he’s not shown excess signs of readiness, we’d held off til he was fully six months old and we had the ok from his doctor. Spud can sit unassisted, though briefly, and he’s definitely interested in food, and spoons, and bowls. Only in the past week did he start baby birding when I was eating near him. We figured he was ready, but were prepared to wait a while longer if he still had the tongue thrust reflex or wasn’t interested.

Spud, uninterested in food. Ha. He ate the entire serving of baby oatmeal, with one bug-eyed look of surprise at the first bite and a growing enthusiasm with each subsequent one. He looked worried each time the spoon was retrieved and returned to the bowl: “there’s more in there, right? Right?”. He cried when it was done. He did not spit out any, concentrating fully on maximizing food ingested. His hands needed a wipe at the end, but his face was almost pristine.

We could have fed him more, but his gut will need time to adjust and his gut has issues on good days. He slept normally last night – down at 7:30, up at 11, 3:30, and 6 for the day, which is a bit early for him. I’d love for solids to allow dropping one of those feeds, as I remain very very tired.

We’re planning a mix of baby led weaning and purées, and will introduce foods spaced out a bit to see how his gut reacts. Current research says to introduce allergens early and often, so peanut butter will be second or third on the list of foods, with eggs and shellfish and strawberries coming up in the next few weeks. 

Food is fun! Also, food is work! It is a little bittersweet to no longer be the sole source of nourishment in Spud’s life, but I’ve taken him from 8.5 lbs to 20.5, and at this point I’m glad to call in some reinforcements.


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