A small snapshot in my day:

10:45 am – leave office to go to the bathroom. Run into Dean of Science in the hall, who welcomes me back.

10:50 am – Decide to pump. Usually I pump at noon, but Spud woke up early and it’s been three hours since nursing for one side. Set up pump using this handy trick for nearly-hands-free pumping*.

10:57 am – Stop pumping as both sides have stopped producing for 30 seconds or so. Pour the 7 oz of expressed milk into a larger bottle, and tuck it in my office fridge**. Rinse pump parts and bottles in the student office sink next door.

11:02 am – resume work***.

I can reliably pump between 7 and 10 ounces of milk in approximately five minutes. It is pretty amazing. I did buy the really good pump, which definitely helps, but every day I am quietly grateful to my body for being able to provide such an abundance of milk in such an efficient manner. I generally pump twice at work, and bring home ~15 oz each day. Two of my close mom friends have weaned at or just after six months because their supply dried up, so I’m aware this aspect could be much more challenging than it is.

* At 4 am last night I bought a hands-free pumping bra from Amazon, because it isn’t quite hands free with the hair tie hack, and I want more efficiency and I’m worried I’ll spill a bottle at some point.

** Fridge provided free of charge to pumping mothers on my campus, which is a really nice touch. Before it was delivered I was storing my breastmilk in the student office lunch fridge, which no one complained about but which weirded all of us out a bit.

*** Or blogging. TomatOE tomAHto.

2 thoughts on “abundance

  1. conceptionallychallenged

    Wow, you really are an efficient pumper! I usually got 4-6oz in 10-15′, so I had to pump 3x a day to keep up with SB’s appetite. The fridge is a nice touch indeed. And hands-free pumping bras are priceless.


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