One perfect day

6:50 am – Spud wakes up, having slept through from 8 pm the night before, despite being overtired and fractious and difficult to get down. It is Pea’s weekend morning to sleep in, so I get up, nurse a smiley Spud, and change him. We look at a photobook of people who love him (made last week and an instant hit), read a story, and Spud practices crawling. I make tea, and a piece of toast.

8 am – Spud yawns and rubs his face. Off to the nursery we go, where I nurse him and change him and pop him in his sleep sack. I leave, and he’s asleep in ten minutes.

8:20 am – I drink my still-warm tea, and finish a report for my main sampling site, who are overdue for an update. I dig through site maps and concentration-of-chemicals data to come up with a reasonable plan for field work in September. My brain functions, as it has gotten 6-8 hours in one piece nine nights of the past ten. It is glorious.

10 am – Spud stirs and coos. An epic nap after yesterday’s 40 min stints! We have a nurse-tussle*, which I lose. I wash both our faces and change Spud into a onesie. We play, and roughhouse, and then Skype my father and step-mother. They are in good spirits, and Spud very obligingly crawls for them, smiles, and tries very hard to eat the camera on my phone, to their delight. Spud nurses properly while we have an adult conversation, which is unheard of in these distract-a-boy nursing days. We hang up and Pea emerges from the bedroom.

11:40 – Spud starts looking sleepy, so I nurse him and Pea puts him down for a nap. I make French toast, with berries leftover from dessert the night before. After brunch, Pea and I take each other to bed, in our own bed, which hasn’t happened in months – we’ve had to be a bit creative about locations when the crib was in our room. We snuggle and chat, and then get dressed for the day.

1:50 pm – Spud wakes up after another 1hr 45 min nap. Just in time for a nurse and change, and our friends arrive at 2 pm for desserts and croquet, in that order. My friend has made banana-fig cookies that are dairy and soy free. They are awful. I am delighted by them. We play one game of croquet with my childhood rules (which is apparently called “golf croquet”) and two games using the official rules. As adults, the real rules are much more interesting. Spud charms our friends, rolls the length of the living room, plays in his outdoor playpen, and then goes down for a nap at 4 on the nose.

4:40 pm – Spud wakes up, our friends entertain him (and themselves) with the exersaucer for a bit, and then head home. We cook spears of chicken for Spud and corn on the cob for all three of us. Spud repeatedly puts gigantic amounts of chicken in his mouth, gums them aggressively, and then spits them out. He makes better progress with the corn, and seems to really enjoy it. We eat our corn to be sociable and so I don’t get hangry.

7:20 pm – I bathe and nurse Spud, sing lullabies, and put him down (I do bedtime because I’m not home during the day. We switched when we swapped who was home). Pea makes our dinner, a lentil hummus that is one of our favorites. Spud falls asleep for the fourth time with no protests, capping a banner day for sleep. We eat dinner while watching the first two episodes of Call the Midwife. We both like it but are worried we can’t handle sad baby stories at the moment. We’ll see.

10 pm – we clean up the kitchen from dinner, I sterilize my pump parts for the week.

10:45 pm – I blog instead of going to bed. Good night, all. I hope you had a lovely day filled with friends and fun and food and accomplishments and that this coming week is a fulfilling one**.

* Spud ate waaaaaay less than normal today, so I ended up using my hand pump three times to take the edge off (and protect my supply). One boob or the other was over-full for most of the day, which was not super comfortable. 

** I am a significantly better person for having gotten a modicum of sleep. Like whoa. 


2 thoughts on “One perfect day

  1. Turia

    What a great day! And you will be so glad that you took the time to write it down because it’s the little ordinary days that we don’t remember but it can be so nice to capture those moments.

    I liked Call the Midwife too but hit the third season around the time of our miscarriage in early 2014 and had to stop watching it. Most episodes are ok but some are really not. (You really should try Rake- it’s hilarious!)


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