If you’re happy and you know it

Give a soft “haung” sound with mouth half open and smiling eyes.

If you’re happy and you know it give a soft “haung” sound with mouth half open and smiling eyes.

IFFFF you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and you know it
Well, you get the drift.

Today Pea called Spud’s little pleased sound his “honk of approval” and now both of us are dying with laughter every time he does it. Which makes him laugh, which makes us laugh, and it’s been a cheerful day all round.

Events, in brief:

  • We are in Lobster County in Small Highly Scientific Town, where I am doing science and the boys are having a seaside holiday
  • Spud ate a hard boiled egg yesterday. At the time, it was very hard to tell how much he ate and how much he mashed into my shorts. It was unfortunately easy to tell how much he’d eaten once he aggressively vomitted the contents of his stomach six times, an hour after being put to bed (about a third of it). No egg for that kid for a few weeks, despite this being the ninth or so time he’s had egg. He has had a few other spit-uppier days on weekends that we now think might have correlated with egg. Nothing like this, but maybe a preamble of a reaction? We’ll see, and we’ll take it much slower in future than just handing him an egg and making sure he doesn’t choke.
  • Spud had his first picnic today, being largely restored to normal (hungry) health. He has mastered sucking purées out of the little pouches they come in*. He has not mastered swallowing quite yet, so while this could be mess-free in theory, instead he may have ruined his pants. C’est la vie.
  • I present at a workshop tomorrow, and I’m excited for it. Today at the workshop there was an hour of a presentation that I’d already seen, and I used it to get my inbox down to 4 messages. Granted, that makes me the person who is emailing others on the Sunday of a holiday weekend, but I’m feeling pretty smug about it.
  • I’m reading a book, the second book I’ve read since we moved Spud to his own room. I have missed reading at night so very much. It is integral to my overall health.

* we are, it turns out, parents of few convictions. We are not militant anything, it’s not our style. Spud eats steamed veggie spears, toast strips, bits and pieces of our food. Fruit in peeled wedges or puréed. Homemade purées and store-bought purées. Three French fries while in Lobster County and all of the avocado from an order of avocado and cucumber maki rolls (off of chopsticks!) in a sushi restaurant. Ill-advisedly, a whole boiled egg. Once. He holds spoons, or we feed him with spoons. He gnaws on strips of steak or we poke small shreds into his mouth. He has one bad habit, which is to squirrel food in his cheeks, with chokable hunks of broccoli appearing long after we’ve cleaned him up. We’re getting better at sweeping his mouth for strays, but that’s the only time he gags, so it is a work in progress.


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