Microblog Mondays: Cramped days

microblog_mondays ‘Tis that time of year, the start of the academic semester. All of my new students are on campus. I have their schedules in hand, and today I sent out the email with our weekly lab meeting time, and our one-on-one times.

I then added it all to my calendar and had a mini heart attack. I’m very schedule and deadline driven, and a busy calendar can be a goad to productivity or anxiety fuel. I’m tired today (always, these days, thank you 8 month sleep regression), and so it is easier to skew panicky.

I have 3 meetings on Tuesdays, 3 meetings on Wednesdays, and 2 on Thursdays. Each are an hour long. Add pumping 3x into those days, and I’ll have enough time on the side to handle the daily flood of email and maybe some basic admin. Which leaves me Monday and Friday for anything substantive.

I left my mornings clear every day, as they are my best productive time. I’m going to learn to write in smaller time chunks this semester if it kills me.

Do you thrive on a busy schedule, or prefer quieter days you can fill as needed?



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4 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: Cramped days

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Those are just my lab meetings! I’ll have monthly departmental meetings (3 hours long), as well as regular meetings with collaborators – usually about 3 per week. If I’m lucky, they are back to back in a day, so I have some space on either side, but usually I have weird 30 min gaps.
      And I’m not even teaching! If I were, add 6 hours of class time, two 2-hour blocks of office hours, and an additional separate flood of emails. It is nutty when in full swing.

      1. countingpinklines

        I’m starting to see parts of that now as a post-doc and it’s driving me nuts! I think part of the challenge is that it would be great if everything were back to back but there’s so many other schedules to consider that it’s hard to control that too much.

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