6:15 am

Spud: Waaaaah wargle waaaaah
Me: No, I am very tired. Spud, you woke up at 6 yesterday. You’ve been up three times wailing for unknown reasons. I am very tired.
shuffles to nursery. Examines sleepy squalling Spud.
Me: You are also very tired!

nursing ensues, Spud falls deeply asleep

Me: shuffles back to bed Ok good, more sleeps now.

8:15 am

Me/Pea: crap! CRAP! We are going to be late again.
Spud: toddling around Blahb blaaaaaaaaaahhhhhb, raaaawwwrrr, Map! Map! Map! Urgle gurgle. points suddenly and vigorously at one of the coloured circles on his rug
Me: Red
Spud: smiles, points vigorously at a different circle
Me: Orange. OK, let’s change your butt.
Spud: Map! Map! Map! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!


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