making sense of the world

Last night, we were rushing about trying to get dinner on the table, as Spud had refused his second nap despite our nanny keeping his first nap to a brief catnap. End result was a tired baby toddler who was holding it together by a shoestring and who needed a much earlier bedtime than normal. At one point, Spud came into the kitchen from the living room, looked at Pea, waved, and then pointed at the door.

My mother was at the door, popping by to pick up some of the boxes she had stored with us during her move*.

It seems such a small thing, our kid coming in to tell us someone was at the door, but it puts together so many different pieces of information, and requires an ability to communicate on top of that. At almost exactly this time last year, Spud smiled for the first time. Lightyears apart!


* my (directionally challenged) mother: “I was at the hardware store, and you are so close, so I thought I’d come by. I know it is the worst possible time.” (My mother’s house is between my house and the hardware store, but I don’t think she knows that. I also don’t think it would have mattered if she did know, because she wanted to come by. Once she is settled, we will figure out expectations around popping in unannounced, on both sides. She had mentioned she was going to come by during the day to pick up things, so it wasn’t completely out of the blue, just much later than anticipated. Also characteristic of my mother.)


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