Timing is everything

Me, yesterday: I’m going to cry, I’m drowning at work, I’m so tired, everything is hard and out of reach and I’m failing at everything and I am so overwhelmed. How is it midnight already, I’ve been going non-stop since I got home.*

Spud, internally: It is time! It is time! It has been about two months, so it is time once again to prove I can do this.**
Spud: <sleeps through the night, 8 pm – 7:40 am>

Me, today: I am so productive! My to do list is totally manageable, and I’ve even done some substantive thinking.


* Aside from an extended 30 minutes of watching Olympics when I was no longer also eating dinner
** I have no better explanation for why this happens once every few months


2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Jill

    My 2 1/2 year old has slept through the night once (after a trip to ER for stitches, of course) until 2 weeks ago when we started using topical magnesium. It stings when you apply it to someone who is mag deficient, but I mix some with lotion and OH MY GOSH! He sleeps! I sleep (when I’m not staying up much too late watching the Olympics)


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