Sure, kid, sure

Spud can read, but Spud won’t read if anyone is watching. I sent him to school with notes in his lunchbox this week, but eventually resorted to just sending drawings because he was insisting he couldn’t read the notes (but then explained to his father when I was out of sight but not earshot that he had read them but thought the pictures were funnier) (and then asked why “school is spelt wrong on that sign Mama?” when one O had fallen off) (and then corrected me when I purposefully read a sign at the park to have an opposite meaning).

Spud during an evening story: No Mama, I don’t think that’s a cactus wren. It’s a hmmmm flips to the back glossary, finds the bird, squints a gilded flicker, see Mama?

Spud at lunch: why does your mug say coffee on it when you have tea in it? What is a starbuck?

Spud at lunch (same lunch): Mama, those aren’t plain chips, those are classic. See onna bag? Classic.

All this to say, I am 99% sure he can read a note that says “have a great day, I love you”.

Spud started school this week! So far his days have been “terrible horrible no good and very bad” stated calmly and contentedly. He says it is like daycare but with “more kids and less toys!”. He is DELIGHTED that his grandmother picks him up on Wednesdays. He is resigned to having much less time with nanny C, who picks him up Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. He was entirely non-plussed to be picked up by me on Thursday, but I was very pleased to be out of the house and spending some one on one time with him. Pea and I are trading Thursdays, which I think will work well.

Sprout had her first week of full time daycare, and was “quite emotional” the first few days and then “all smiles, no crying” the next two. She had quite a few new kids in her room for September, which I think threw her off. Also, she spends quite a lot of her days with us crying, so am not sure “emotional” isn’t just baseline Sprout, who feels personally injured whenever something isn’t exactly to her specifications (ah to be two!).

We survived the week, and while both kids were fried at the end of each day, they both did really well. Pea and I are planning another quiet week of easy meals in case the other shoe drops this week, but so far it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

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