Funniest thing all week

Today was the sixth day of the last ten working days where at least one kid was home sick or in isolation. Sprout has lovingly bestowed her cold on me as well, so everyone is starting to drag a bit.

So here is the thing that has been making me chuckle, out loud, sporadically for the last week.

Pea is playing a new world-building game, where he is in charge of a family of beavers (yes really). They have to build dams and engineer water flow and farm food and build up stores for the periodic droughts. Water is a key resource and can be life or death for your beavers.

Pea kept losing all his beavers. They wouldn’t even be in a drought and they would all suddenly die. Upon examination, it was lack of water. Pea was frustrated, as he had chosen to build the larger pump option, and was prioritizing upgrading them and keeping them manned at all times. And still – no water. Plus the pumps were running at 5-14% efficiency, which was frustrating.

Pea explained this all to me in detail as he wandered downstairs to try, once again, to keep his beaver crew alive. He was sure there was some game mechanic he was missing, but hadn’t found it yet.

He came back up that night, with hale and hearty beavers. It turns out he had misread something – the bigger water pump option was not a pump, it was a water DUMP.

Every time his beavers ran low on water, he would marshal them to the dumps and increase the dumps’ activity. He was rigorously upgrading! Staffing through the nights!

The dumps were working at so low efficiency because there wasn’t any more water to dump.

It is an uncharacteristic gaffe for Pea, but it’s mostly funny to me as an absurdist example of the piling on behind a bad decision that always seems to happen.

* no beavers were harmed in the making of this post, only a few beaver-shaped pixels.

1 thought on “Funniest thing all week

  1. rose

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Pea is so very much younger than I, He misread, I can also mis-read……… it is not only age! JOY
    Also lots of laughter.


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