Long time no see

We had the kids home from two weeks before Christmas until the Family Day weekend (mid-February here). We sent them off to school and daycare two Tuesdays ago, with a mix of relief and trepidation.

They had a good four days out of the house, both tired when home in the evenings, filled with stories about their days.

That Friday night, Spud woke up vomiting. He was well enough to go to school mid-week, but by then Sprout was vomiting. She was home for the whole week. Spud had some gastrointestinal upset on Saturday, so we kept him him Monday to meet the 48 hours guideline and to make sure he didn’t poop his pants like he had on Friday at school.

Both kids went to school/daycare yesterday, the fifth day of ten that we had both out of the house.

Sprout woke up with a croupy cough and runny nose, so we’re now all isolating at home for five days.

Next week is Spud’s March break, so he’ll be home. We have a grandparent coming to help but this isolation might mess up their timelines.

So after eight weeks of the kids at home, we will have had them in school for five days and home for fourteen.

We are fried but resigned. I am dramatically behind at work, with no reprieve in sight. Late nights, for work and kids up sick, mopping vomit, or snuggling sad small bodies. There isn’t any comfort in the thought we might have COVID, because omicron reinfects so readily (and I remain resolute in my determination to not catch this virus if I can manage it).

This isn’t sustainable but we don’t have any other option. So we persevere.

3 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. countingpinklines

    Oof I’m so sorry. At least family help is on the way. The other thing I’ve found (unsurprisingly) is all the quarantining/back to school really messes with kid’s idea of schedules and going back to school is painful.

    Also yes, I’m with you on not being resigned to getting covid and still trying to avoid getting it as much as possible.

  2. nicoleandmaggie

    That stomach bug that has been going around this year has been brutal, from what I’ve heard from people who have caught it.

    I hope everyone gets better and stays better!

  3. rose

    Crossing my eyes and fingers on your behalf. Sadly not surprised by the return to school illnesses. Hope not covid. Hope you can get the two to school more regularly. Hope your work situation improves AND you get some rest and real assistance.
    Lovely to know you are still hanging in and holding on. How you manage to post on top of the reality of your world is impressive and very much appreciated. THANK YOU!


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